Torsten Siegel

Flying runs through Torsten's blood. He and his brother grew up watching their father—a military jet pilot—flying sailplanes at their local airfield. Torsten's nephew has continued in the family tradition by becoming one of the youngest sailplane pilots in Germany—at the birthplace of soaring flight, the Wasserkupe. Torsten's field of work involves the research, construction, and development of air sports products, such as paragliders, powered paragliders, ram-air kites, reflex wings, speed flyers, and rescue systems. In spring 2013, Torsten joined Gin Gliders Inc. and works with Gin Seok Song as designer and test pilot with the R&D team in Europe and Korea. In his free time, Torsten enjoys paragliding competition and won the European Championships in 2014.

Hometown: Fulda, Germany

Resides: Toronto, Canada

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Career Highlights

3. 14th FAI World Paragliding Championship

1. 13th FAI European Paragliding Championship

1. CIVL World Pilots ranking (09/2014)

7. 2014 World Cup France

6. 2014 World Cup Mexico

3. 2013 World Cup Super Final Brazil

9. 2012 World Cup USA

5. 2009 World Cup Super Final Italy

5. 2008 World Cup overall ranking

4. 2002 World Cup overall ranking