Moonseob Lim

Moonsoeb Lim was born in Chang Nyung, a spring water town at the southern tip of South Korea.

These natural surroundings imbued him with a love of nature and the outdoors and Moonseob was exposed to paragliding from an early age through his father who was also a paraglider pilot.

Moonseob started to fly in 1999, when he was a secondary school boy. Within a year he entered his first competition and was inspired to continue to paraglide, first studying Sports Science at unversity and then joining Gin Gliders as a test pilot.


2006 Korean President's cup 2nd

2007 Korean Championship 1st 

2008 Korea Championship 2nd

2009 PWC Korea 6th

        PWC Asian & Oceanian 3rd

2010 PWC Asian 3rd

2011 Korean League 3rd

2012 Asian Championship 2nd

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