Michael Sigel

Michael was born in 1987 in Switzerland. He started paragliding at the age of 15 in his parents' paragliding school. He soon began to fly cross-country and make longer and longer flights. In 2005, he began competing and then became a member of the Swiss national team. Outside paragliding he enjoys sports (climbing, diving, snowboarding and partying [!]) and is a student.


2006 World Online Contest 7th

2008 Swiss championship 3rd

2008 European championship 4th

2008 World cup overall 17th

2009 World cup Brazil 6th

2010 Swiss cup 1st, German Open 1st, Swiss League Cup 1st

2011 World cup: Colombia 1st

2012 World cup Brazil 2nd

2013 World cup Brazil 1st

2017 PWCA world champion

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