Koni Schafroth

In his spare time away from his project work with the European Space Agency and the Swiss replica watches industry, Koni came up with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) that he developed for Gin Gliders. Using advanced software simulation techniques, EPT has led to better paragliders, and also more fun for Koni—some of his best flights have been over the high mountains and glaciers on his GIN Carrera!

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Career Highlights

- Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at ETZ Zürich

- Designer of the first paraglider to cross Lake Thun

- Developed SmartFish, the concept of an unconventional low aspect ratio airplane that has many potential advantages over conventional airplane design

- Developer of a new concept for a mechanical watch mechanism that has the accuracy of a quartz watch

- Involved in a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2012

- Developer of a new kind of flight instrument for paragliders called the XC Tracer