Kaoru Ogisawa

Kaoru Ogisawa ("Ogi") has worked closely alongside designer Gin Seok Song for several years. Ogi is an extreme maneuvers specialist, and plays a vital role in the development and testing of GIN gliders.

Married with 2 children, he lives in Toyama on the west coast of Japan. A large part of his time is spent on the road - testing gliders, competing internationally and promoting Gin Gliders in Japan.

Besides testing and competing on the World Cup circuit, Ogi has flown in the last 3 Red Bull X-Alps. 


2006 World Cup Austria 2nd

2003 World Championship, Portugal 4th

2003 Japanese Champion

2002 PWC Munkyung Korea 2nd

1999 Japanese League 1st

1998 Japanese Champion

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