Stanislav Mayer

Stanislav is driven by a love of nature, friends and competition. He started paragliding in 2010 with his climbing friend as a way to fly down from mountains and to get a taste of bird-like freedom. Since then he's been hooked, and has taken part in 2 editions of the Red Bull X-Alps besides several World Cups. Stanislav is living the dream — working winters in Prague as a software test engineer and spending the summers flying, travelling and living! 

Resides: Czech Republic

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Career Highlights

Red Bull X-Alps 2017 - 10th

Czech championship 2017 - 2nd

X-Pyr 2016 - 2nd

Red Bull X-Alps 2016 - 12th

X-Pyr 2014 - 4th

PWC Gemona 2016 - 15th

Pre PWC Reunion 2015 - 3rd

Best Czech paragliding pilot award 2016,2014

Best Czech sport pilot award 2015

Finishing Ironman 2016