Soheil Barikani

Soheil's rise in the paragliding world has been meteoric, thanks to his boundless enthusiasm for free flying and Masters education in Fluid mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. Born in 1985 near Tehran, Iran, he made his first 100km XC within just 9 months of taking up the sport and became Iranian champion in his 3rd year of flying. He won a PWC task in his first year on the circuit and since has gone on to many more achievements. Soheil lives to fly, and particularly loves competing and adventure flying in remote and unknown areas.

Hometown: Karaj, Iran

Resides: Karaj, Iran

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Career Highlights

1st 2014 Iranian championships

16th 2013 pre World Cup, India

5th 2013 pre World Cup Turkey

1st 2014 pre World Cup Turkey

16th 2015 World Cup Portugal (1st in Task 1)

1st 2015 Iranian championships

16th 2016 Brazil World Cup

1st 2016 Kayseri Open Turkey

2nd 2016 Asian CIVL ranking