Luciano Tcacenco

Luciano "Bafinho" Tcacenco started flying in 1990 at the age of 13. His inspiration was his father, a keen skydiver who had brought the first paragliders to southern Brazil and subsequently trained numerous pilots across the country in his school, TopFly.

"Bafinho" has literally grown up on Gin Gliders, having flown the entire series of Boomerangs. At 17 he was Brazilian Champion and thereafter has always represented Brazil in international competitions.

Today, Luciano is a business administrator and father of a beautiful girl. The family is with him at paragliding competitions whenever possible. His sister, Domenica Tcacenco, is also a pilot with multiple female Brazilian Champion titles to her name.

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Career Highlights

- 1994 Brazilian Champion

- 2003 Champion of Brazilian Circuit

- member of winner team, Brazilian Team pre World 2004

- 3rd PWC Sérvia 2005

- 2005 Champion of Brazilian Circuit

- 2nd Ibérico 2005

- 11th place In World Championship 2005

- Member of winner team Pan Americano 2008

- 1st in Brazilian League 2009

- 3rd in Brazilian League 2013