World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Task 6

The day turned out a whole lot more difficult than forecast. A fifty kilometer task was set with great expectations of the strong thermals that were predicted. The reality hit hard twenty kilometers into the race with the entire lead gaggle scratching desperately in disarray trying to survive a blue patch.

In the end the entire field was dotted along the course line like colorful paint splatter on a green canvas. With only one pilot in goal there is bit of a mix up on the leader board. Gin pilots are slowly fighting their way up the overall standings with five in or near the top ten. 

The Gin team has slipped into second place by a tiny margin. With four days of flying to go we hope to re-establish that lead.

Spirits are high among the Gin pilots. In particular, we are all relieved not to be embroiled in the glider controversy that has erupted at the super final. We have been assured by Torsten that the Boomerang 9 is legitimate!

Photo: David Ohlidal


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