World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Task 9

The day turned into another epic battle with a long but simple task set down-wind as the task committee erred on the side of caution in the face of the moderate wind forecast. The pace was electric with the grand looking sky inhabited by potent cumulus and inviting cloud streets. The leaders completed the ninety-odd kilometer task in a little over two hours. 

Andre lead the GIN contingent into goal finishing in sixth place followed closely by Peter and Torsten. Torsten has inched his way into fourth place on the overall standings with a real shot at attaining the podium. Frank and Miyata are also clawing their way closer to the top after another day of strong performances. They are positioned seventh and eighth respectively, and less than one hundred points from the podium.

The GIN team is a single point off the lead!! We have everything to fly for today being the last day.

The competition has not been without difficulties for some of our pilots, Aaron, who is no stranger to pain and suffering in the X-Alps, has been battling with a virus of sorts this week, He has high fever and 'stomach troubles'. How he has managed to fly in this condition is not clear, and is testament to his commitment and determination. Aaron described how he landed out the day before and after walking for an hour he curled up under a bush and went to sleep hoping a recovery vehicle would notice him but too tired to care. Luckily for us he was picked up after a couple of hours!


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