World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Task 8

The grueling three hour task wreaked havoc with the field leaving downed pilots dotted around the entire course. The first third of the race was a stuttering affair with some shadow and light lift before the day switched on properly.

It was really special to see the lead group dominated largely by half a dozen Gin pilots who led out regularly forcing the pace on the transitions and working hard to find climbs. The resulting pace stretched the field somewhat with pilots falling off the 'bus' at regular intervals.

It seems the Gin team thrives under duress! With no fewer than four Gin pilots in the top fifteen headed by Miyata in fourth place we grabbed both first and third in the team event. The Gin Gliders team has re-taken the overall lead. Torsten and Frank pulled it out for the Gin Gliders team with Jimmy and Andre doing it for the Fly Gin team.

More good news is that Torsten has been joined by Miyata and Frank in the top ten with scope to improve if they can all keep it together as the competition draws nearer to the end. Wish us luck for the remaining days!


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