World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Day 4 - Task 4 - Day 5 - Rest Day

A frontal system arrived as forecast half way through the task plunging the entire area into murky shadow. The entire field struggled into wind climbing in every little scrap of lift desperately delaying the inevitable landing. The Gin pilots were in the middle of the battle with at least two finishing in the top ten and another five or six not far off. 

The highlight of the Gin team performance was Petra who fought fiercely to take the first place in the women by a at least one hard earned kilometer. Petra had this to say about her experience: Everything was fine until we reached the river where we got low. It was a scary moment to be in the lead with the group converging on my position in the thermal. I am happy to fly with the main group and I am feeling confident in my glider.

With the entire field landing out in the rolling hills of Minas Gerais, we are happy to report that no Gin pilots drowned in the water logged fields. 

With almost half the competition complete we still have the Gin Gliders team leading by a healthy margin. Torsten remains in the top ten with several more of our pilots occupying slots in the top twenty. Petra has moved to fifth place in the women's ranking and in range of attacking the lead.

The system that shut down task four brought rain and a rest day. We are all rearing to go again as soon as the weather clears up.


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