World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Day 2, Task 2

The second day dawned with a buzz of excitement after an excellent start which saw the Gin team win the day. Well done to Aaron, Torsten, Frank and Petra for doing the team proud on day 1!

The conditions on day two proved to be even better with a mass of friendly cumulus covering the sky from horizon to horizon. The eighty kilometer task was fiercely contested with massive gaggles pushing hard in the sublime conditions. The standard is very high again this year, so it was no surprise that the first fifty pilots arrived within five minutes of one another.

The winners completed the race in just over two hours with PeterN finishing strongly in third position. Michael, Aaron, Frank and Jimmy all put in respectable performances too.

This competition is shaping up to be a classic and we are all immensely proud that the GIN team is leading the overall team ranking.


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