World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Day 1, Task 1

It's Superfinal time once again, and the GIN team pilots are out in force. We'll be bringing you news and views of the action direct from the trenches. It looks set to be a cracking comp—stay tuned!

Andre Rainsford reports on task 1, where GIN team took 1st:

"The first day of the super final got off to a cracking start with a simple out and return race on a day that was looking spectacular!

As usual the front of the pack was well represented by Gin pilots with several leading out on the transitions in search of an advantage. The task committee created the opportunity for pilots to choose multiple lines. In the end various groups converged into a massive gaggle of more than sixty pilots who reached the end of speed section within minutes of one another.

Florian, Aaron and Frankie Brown were the toast of the Gin pilots with Peter and Michael suffering some bad luck as they boldly led out in a bid to win the task toward the end of the race.

If the first day was indication, this competition promises to be fantastic!"


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