World Cup Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombia: update after task 8

After task 8, Aaron Durogati leads the World Cup Superfinal, our fingers are crossed for the coming days!

Aaron comments: "I like a lot the place and my glider. The conditions are strong and I can fly fast as I like. It s a spot where you can take risks and still find thermals very low. I've enjoyed all the tasks here untill now, I took some risks in some part of the tasks and in some others I slowed down to control the gaggle.

My Boomerang 9 is the perfect machine for the comp, I can climb fast and the stability at speed is really impressive! I look forward to the rest of the Superfinal and the season!"

Some more pics of Michael Sigel on the Boomerang 9, thanks to Chrigel Maurer.


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