World Cup 2014 Serra da Estrela, Portugal Task 4.2

A good call by the organisers made for a lovely day of flying seventy five kilometers to the south east under a gorgeous sky. Cool moist air was trapped on the Celorico side of the mountains so we raced up to Azinha again where healthy cumulus clouds and a reasonable cloud base provided the entertainment. The start caused a few problems for some as we had to cross over a blue hole and wait on the north side of a ridge. Not everyone managed to get to cloud base but two main groups separated by about 2km converged to the course line favouring the cloud streets. It was clear altitude was important today so the highest pilots dominated the race. Semi Sayir led the Gin fleet today racing hard out front from the beginning.

The lead group suffered some serious sink twenty kilometers out from goal allowing the lag-gaggles to make up some time bunching the field up yet again. A westerly cross-down-wind strengthened as we reached goal. Ten minutes separated the first forty eight pilots after two hours of flying.

The Gin team put in another strong performance with Carlos storming into third position followed by Andre. Together they have elevated Gin into second position in the overall team rankings with both pilots in the top six of the individual ranking too.

The weather forecast promises more racing conditions in the remaining days.

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