World Cup 2013 Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Latest news

Racing in Brazil has been hampered by poor weather, but the last couple of days have finally seen some reasonable tasks. With one day remaining, the top 4 places overall are held by GIN pilots.

The best day so far was day 5. Florian Haller sent this report:
"The route led through three turnpoints across the wind to the finish. After a very stressful waiting in the thermals at the start we finally went off towards Baixo Guandu. You could see that the thermals didn't really rip through the stable air mass in the sky. Shortly before the final approach, it was difficult because no one could find a good thermal. I looked behind some rocks for a lee thermal. Close to the rocks I found one, albeit very turbulent. Now with height, I could see that many pilots had to land before the finish. Finally, I could fly across the finish line 7th.

Yesterday stable conditions returned and the day was won by Michael Sigel:

"Today was a calm day here in Baixo Guandu. The sky was overcast most of the time and that's why we had only a 50km task. Because of the cirrus clouds the thermals were very weak and after the big granite faces the thermals got very weak. We flew over the city and the tactic was simply to survive. Everyone was looking for better climbs and it was quite a mess with all those pilots trying to stay high. The leading group with Stefan Wyss and Florian Haller got a nice climb over the lake and tried to push for the first turnpoint in the north. I was between this group and the next one. The leading pilots went to a steep hill, but there was no thermal and most of them had to land shortly after. I could profit from this, made my way more through the flats and went later to the mountains, where Alfredo Studer got a nice climb. Together with him and a Russian pilot we flew to the last turnpoint. Alfredo got a bad line and could not take the turnpoint. The Russian and me could make a hundred metres more after the turnpoint, but then thermals shut down. With some luck and better gliding, I finished first today with ca. 31km.

Tomorrow is the last day and we hope for good conditions and real racing!

Ranking overall:

1.Michael Sigel 2. Stefan Wyss 3. Adrian Hachen 4. Maxime Bellemin

All on Boom 9"

Many thanks to Adrian Hachen for the photos!


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