World Cup 2013 Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Final day report

Adrian Hachen send this report and photos from the final day at the World Cup Brazil.

"On the last day, the weather was perfect. There was almost no wind and beautiful little clouds seemed to be painted on the blue sky. The task set out south, turned east for a short leg and then lead back to Baixo Guandu. Thanks to the perfect conditions, the race was very fast and tight. Midway into the 70km "race to goal", Michael Sigel, Florian Haller and myself broke from the pack and found a very good climb. Despite our route becoming longer, it was much faster due to the good thermals. After having completed the second part of the race together, the three of us enjoyed about 5 minutes of only GIN's in goal.

With Michael Sigel on first and myself on second place.... the party did not stop until sunrise :-D



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