World Championship 2013 Sopot, Bulgaria: Task 5 report

Another fantastic day of racing for GIN pilots. The task committee set a task of 130km with favourable conditions forecast in light winds, dry air, high lapse rate, and a decent cloudbase of over 3,000m.

Everyone seemed to get the start high in the mountains, touching the first turn point before running back to the ridge. It was as early as this, that the field split into four groups. North, South, foothills and valley which will please the task committee who no doubt got what intended. The red tide of Gin Boomerang 9s seemed to dominate the Northerly route grabbing the far western turn point in tight formation before heading east down the obvious line along the southern hills. It was very clear from the very beginning that today was to be fast and furious and many pilots got dropped along the way if they chose to turn in sub-optimal climbs.

The crux of the day was about ten kilometres from the last turn point which is where Adrian Thomas spearheaded the final attack of the 'red devils'. More than one pilot has been overheard admitting to Boomerang envy over the last few days.

In the end, Luca Donini squeaked in ahead of Petr Kostrhun and Adrian followed by Peter Neuenschwander along with the usual suspects. The leaders completed the challenge in just over three and a half hours with hordes of pilots screaming into goal within 15 minutes of one-another. Another great day of flying in Sopot and surrounds with rumours of a hundred mile task tomorrow!

Photo: Martin Scheel /


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