World Championship 2013 Sopot, Bulgaria: Task 4 report

Task 4, consisting of 121km of full-on racing along the cloud streets via three turn points, proved for many pilots, to be a total delight in comparison to Task 3. 

GIN pilots dominated most of the race which saw Stefan Wyss, Steban Novoa and Mickey Sigel taking the first 3 places with Eric Reed, Andre Rainsford and Josh Cohn all racing into goal in the top ten.

After a less than optimal start to the competition, Mickey was back and handing out flying lessons as he led out most of the way which earned him a handsome bounty of lead-out points.

Yesterday’s task winner, Adrian Thomas, put up a good fight up front until he missed the climb that got the others home and had him limping into goal a few minutes off the pace. 

It was clear that the racing line was under the cloud streets and anyone deviating or choosing the southerly route were severely punished.

GIN pilots set the pace early on taking the Kazanlak turn point in fast and furious fashion under the firing convergence before dragging the entire field back to Sopot for an unusual dogleg to Koprivshtitsa. The pace progressively picked up with the lead gaggle topping up for the crossing west of the goal on the way to the last turn point situated underneath a growing congestus 22km from Pravoslav. This last leg was an all-out sprint for most of the field, but no-one could catch Stefan and Steban, who stripped a couple of minutes off the hide of the chasing pack!

Stefan Wyss took the day in convincing style. After an unfortunate first day Stefan is storming up the overall ranking and is now in thirteenth place.

In the video below, GIN team pilot Michael Sigel shares some thoughts on testing the Boomerang 9 and on the competition so far.


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