World Championship 2013 Sopot, Bulgaria: Task 2 report

Adrian Thomas reports on Task 2 at the World Championships in Sopot, Bulgaria. 

"Amazing day, complete sensory overload. So they started by taking us up the hill early, where it was blowing over the back at 20kmh or more. We dutifully rigged and briefed for a short 80k task round the valley (keeping away from the upwind mountains), then at 1.15, just as predicted by the meet director, the wind started to lighten. The convergence came onto take-off and we had the most epic dustdevils go through. A glider took off on its own, spiralled up and then top-landed. A glider bag climbed a thousand feet, and a plastic bag climbed up, glided to the next ridge to the West and then climbed to base and went into cloud. Amazing. Then the convergence moved North of launch and we had light wind launching conditions. We all piled off, somewhat hectic, and found weak climbs on the ridge, but as soon as we pushed out we got 3m/s, then 4, then 5m/s to base where we could soar up the sides of the clouds and wait 100m above base. Magnificent. We are so privileged!

The race started, and we hammered off towards the first turnpoint, Boomerangs up front all cruising on full bar, then off to the second turnpoint and the air was flat, flat, flat. A weak climb off to the left of course, the lead gaggle pushed on towards nothing. I went for the weak climb. It worked, slowly. The leaders eventually found a good climb and we tailed them towards the second turnpoint. Probably 7km behind. They went towards the next turnpoint flying the windward side of the terrain. We flew the clouds – on the lee-side, and got a 4m/s climb under the first cloud, then a 5 under the next, then we had to push bar to stay out of cloud on the next. Off to the last turnpoint and back towards goal. Now 50 people ahead. Bounced the climbs and took another few to finish 38th. Happy with that given where I’d been earlier in the day – must do better tomorrow!

Stephan Morganthaler and Josh Cohn 1st and 3rd on their Boomerang 9s."



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