World Championship 2013 Sopot, Bulgaria: Task 1 report

Goran Dimiskovski reports on Day 1, Task 1 at the World Championships in Sopot, Bulgaria. 

"The story line goes back to Val Louron where my good friend Boom 9 told me that he has some health issues as we already spent quite a lot of hours together in the air around the world. Like good friends do, I offered him a laser therapy treatment in order to be ready and in good mood for the forthcoming World Championships in Sopot, Bulgaria. That proved to be a good move.

Finally we arrived in Sopot, Bulgaria, at the site of two previous World Cups and many other good competitions. Place famous for the prevailing North winds, fairly turbulent lee side flying and nice, long convergence lines in the flats. Among many good things like good traditional food that can be described as "on the heavy side", very pleasant addition to already positive feeling was receiving new Gin speed arms that are fitting also us, pilots on the "heavy side". So, glider ready, new GIN Speed Arms like on fashion TV, overall festive atmosphere, what more can you want?

Well ...... good weather of course.

The first and second training days completely blown out, finally we are going to the take off with Sopot's famous cable car for the first task of the 13th World Championship, which started on 13th of July, 2013! Anyway, motivation is high, forecast almost good, who really cares about such a detail.

Once on the take off, we felt North wind and the pressure of fairly overcast sky over us. Suddenly things were not that optimistic.

Task was set, and in a good FAI tradition, approved by the safety committee quite fast as that is typical task for the opening of the show. Temptation among organizers was also high and out of non understandable reasons, timings were set in rush. And then... first pilot immediately goes into the air and option to alternate the task or task details was sealed.

Time is passing by, conditions are deteriorating constantly, I am looking into my beautiful Boom 9 and everything is telling us, no action today. There are not many tasks in the history of high profile comps where start gate is open and majority of pilots are still on the ground. That exactly what happened. We heard instruments around buzzing and indicating that the start in the air is open.

Not fun at all. Luckily, Swiss team leader, Martin Scheel went into air and wow... he is climbing. And everything changed. Pilots rushing in packs and task is finally on. It is kind of ground start like in ancient times but who cares, soon, me and my best friend, we are climbing in front of the take off, easy, constant, pure joy.

Task was some 74km, kind of out and return, over two turn points and goal in the flats. Long legs with some long glides in front of us, multiple route options, serious field of pilots around. Challenging environment for both of us. And in the heat of the race beginning, I saw one blue glider going backwards with panic speed, quite strange.... Oh no, Start Cylinder.....ah, ah, ah, 3km behind. So it was not only him now, I joined him and what can you do, back to take the start. Good result is gone almost at the beginning. But we put our self together, and decided to take our own route, in the middle of the flats, as there is no point to follow first group deep into the mountains which was faster but longer route. But that route is also in the huge shadow. Also the turn point cylinder which was 20 km is seriously further away where it touches the mountain.... And we have some sunny spots in front of us, not so bad after all. Very soon we gained some self confidence as we are gliding better than other pilots around us. At the first turpoint already full pack of pilots were behind us. I spoke to my B9 all the time not to worry, we are fine. Than we hit 10 km of convergence above small hills on the south of the course. We started to smile quite a lot. And then we met another Boomerang 9, wait.... something is strange, this one eat to much or what? What happened to famous Boom 9 high aspect ratio? Then we hear "Ahoy, ahoy". Hej, that is Petra on her brand new baby Boom, long awaited Carrera and she is in front of us. We made few turns together but we have to rush, not many gliders in front. So we push bit harder and we are already on the long, 14km glide. Amazingly, some other gliders around are not gliding that good so we thought it is time to really enjoy. We took the last turn point easily and now we are gliding to the goal line. Few others are also victims of our superior performance, and wow, we are in goal.

After such a bad start not that bad, in matter of fact not bad at all. Both of us are smiling, happy, we are hugging fellow pilots. I packed my B9 with pleasure, after all in 18th place. Not some mind blowing result, but fantastic flying and another saga for us, for me and my lovely Boom 9."


The latest news is that Day 2 has been cancelled, stay tuned for more reports as soon as we have more tasks.

Photo: Martin Scheel /


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