Report World Cup France Talloires 2012

Adrian Hachen reports from PWC France in Talloires.

This Saturday I returned from Talloires, where the second PWC this year took place. I arrived in Talloires (F) on Friday evening and the weather looked great. There were some guys pretty high above the "Dents de Lanfont", the impressive mountain above Lake Annecy. But when I woke up on Saturday, the training and registration day, there was rain everywhere…

As predicted, there was rain on Sunday morning as well but it was due to clear up in the afternoon. Because of the wind that was getting stronger, the task was cancelled in the afternoon.

Everyone was expecting the best day of the Week on Monday. A task of about 104 km was set.

After the air start, we flew towards Grenoble (direction SW). Because of the north wind, it was easy to climb on the long ridges between Annecy and the first turn point. The next turn point was placed NE from Annecy and we had to fly against the Wind through some rough lee sides. Thanks to the outstanding handling of my Boomerang X, I was able to climb even in those strong conditions. As the wind got even stronger in the afternoon, the organisation decided to stop the task.

After this day the weather turned bad again and did not let us fly any more tasks.

Even though we didn't fly that much during this week, we had a great time with the GIN Team!

Happy Landings!

Adrian Hachen


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