Report World Cup 2012 Montalegre, Portugal

A podium finish in PWC Portugal for the GIN Boomerang XS on its first competition: the GIN team pilots report.

World Cup Montalegre, Portugal was the first outing for the new Boomerang X XS size. Montalegre is a well-known flying site with a different style of flying due to stronger winds. The landscape is very dry, with small hills and ridges. During this competition pilots flew 4 similar tasks from 2 different take offs. 3 out of 4 were set with a tailwind to the goal, due the strong winds of 20-30 km/h. The line was usually set through Chavez and towards the borders with Spain.

In these blue conditions the gaggle was always the better option, so running in front never paid off. Task 2 became very tough at the end, as thermals faded out early in the day, and only the very first group had a chance to complete the whole course; apart from this task there were always a lot of pilots in goal. In the last task, pilots flew a speed section of over 81 Km in 1 hour and 45 mins with an average speed of nearly 40 km/h!

The comp got off to a great start for GIN with wins in task 1 for Aaron Durogati and Tomomi Masuko in the female ranking.

Aaron reports:
"I started the competition very well with my first task win in the World Cup. The task was 80 km, I flew with the first group and in the end I took some risks and won! But next days I made strategic mistakes. I risked too much, flew alone or didn´t fly like I feel. The most important was to stay always with some group to cooperate, because of low altitude, strong wind, turbulent thermal or different lines. So I didn't get a good results like I really wanted to.

Tomomi reports:
"First at all, I appreciate what Gin gliders have done for me! i am very happy to get Boom X XS size before this comp. I felt anxious about the Task 1 but my glider helped me to reach the goal first of woman! I have very good feeling and excited to fly with my glider everywhere. Thank you so much!"

Congratulations to Aaron on his first PWC task win, and to Tomomi for finishing on the podium, 2nd woman overall!

The GIN team pilots were very happy with their wings, Marina Olexina reported, "I was a little bit nervous about the first flight, especially with strong winds as it was this day. But my glider was so nice with me! Very safe and fast enough! I am happy with it! I finished 5th even with 0 for one task...but I am not so disappointed because really happy with my glider and flights there".

The climbing ability of the Boomerang X suited the windy, and sometimes rough conditions in Portugal. Antonio Golfari commented, "..even when conditions became rough, the Boom X behaves really smooth and comfortable, letting pilots to race full speed through strong convergence; windy and scattered thermals amplifies its climbing attitude. I love this glider!"

Blue Skies everybody!

Congratuations to overall winners Yann Martail and Keiko Hiraki.


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