Report Task Two: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

Ulrich Prinz and GIN Team Switzerland (Hans Bollinger, Michael Maurer, Adrian Hachen, Anders Baerheim and Urs Schönauer) sent this report and pictures from Valle.

Ulli: "After Housi gave you a report from the front of the race yesterday, I will now give you the perspective how the field looks from behind ;-) Following the shorter warm up task yesterday we had a longer task today: with 106km it is about average for Valle de Bravo.

What was unusual were the cirrus clouds that covered larger parts of the sky and the thermals were weaker than yesterday. The race went to the end of the ridge at Divisadero (1), then to the south-east to a pass (2) against the wind, on to Monarca where the Butterflies live (3) back to the south-west against the wind to the plateau (4) and to Valle.

The waiting period for the window-open was tedious with the weak scattered thermals over the piano-plateau. When we finally crossed towards the ridge, everybody was happily expecting stronger lifts again, but also here many hopes were dashed.

The lines were extremely different in their lift, and soon I found myself in a bad position near the ridge, while others soared high above me. It was quite turbulent near the terrain and the last thing one wants to get here is a collapse. Here the new Boom X was ideal: it is super-stable and turns on the spot, so I could center even the tiniest cores with full confidence and efficiency.

On the way back towards the pass, the field really separated: One group tried the flats while others wanted to get another kick from the "crazy thermal" on the plateau. Some pilots from various groups got lucky, found strong lift and formed a new leading gaggle that flew high and fast towards the pass.

On the way to Monarca, they took the left route in the hope that they could catch the usual convergence. The late-comers tried a more direct route, in an attempt to catch up, so I followed these gaggles. Unfortunately this didn't work well: we got stuck on the ridge we aimed for and lost even more time.

Finally we managed to get up, bagged the turnpoint and flew into the wind to TP4, only to see the winning pilots reaching goal in the distance.

Housi Bollinger was again the best GIN pilot, arriving in 11th place and now standing 2nd overall: it seems like his participation in the development of the wing makes him really understand it well!

I have just got my first flights on the wing here in Valle, so I have to learn more about it quickly, if I want to catch up some places in the next days!" -Ulli


Photos from GIN Team Switzerland:

Anders Baerheim on the Way to the first Turnpoint

Michael Maurer having some fun

Michael Maurer on the Way to Goal

Urs Schönauer high above EL Penon

Task Map


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