Report Task Two: World Cup 2012 Castelo, Brazil

Michael Sigel reports:

Today we had really nice weather and forming cumulus clouds on our way to the takeoff. We set a 81km task zig-zag task around Castelo. The airstart was at 12:30 and the conditions were almost perfect with strong thermals, but also with a strong north wind. Because of the wind, a lot of pilots got low on their way the first and the second (Castelo) turnpoint. But the thermals were working well and most of the pilots could get up again and the cloudbase was 2000m agl. After Castelo pilots separated to get to the third turnpoint in the west. I went more to the mountains and was honoured with strong thermals and a fantastic view. The race was really fast until the last turnpoint. After this one, the goal was against the wind and many pilots got too low.

Stefan Wyss was leading the most of the task until the end. I arrived 7 min later and had a funny goalhill-leeside-soaring job to get to the goal.

Task results

Photos: Yoshiaki Hirokawa / Gustavo Agne de Oliveira


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