Report Task Three: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

Task 3 was a 103km race to goal. The highest placed GIN pilot was Claudio Virgilio who finished 6th. Hans Bollinger is now 4th overall and Petra Slívová leads the women's ranking. But competition is not just about the battle for the podium, it's also about personal achievements, as GIN test pilot Kaoru Ogisawa reports from GIN team Japan.

Kaoru Ogisawa: "I'd like to introduce a happy guy from Japan. He is Mr. Hirokawa (in centre of photo beside Ogi). When I met him 4 years ago he had just started paragliding. But at that time he had already made up his mind to be a World Cup pilot. Then he flew almost everyday the weather was flyable. Now he is here in Valle de Bravo in such a good condition.

He took the Boomerang X and made goal every day. Thanks to GIN to have such a easy wing for him." - Ogi

Ogi and Mr Hirokawa

In fact no wonder Mr Hirokawa is smiling--he's currently ranked 3 places above Ogi!


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