Report Task Three: World Cup Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombia

Task three report from the winner, Michael Sigel...

"Today there was still some rain at takeoff but after a while it cleared up. The task was shortened over Roldanillo, led to the north and then south (Tulua) into goal. Unfortunately, there were still a lot of clouds, so it was very difficult to take the start in the lowlands. Steff Wyss, Steph Morgentaler and Anders did the best and led the field with complete cloud cover for a long time, and by a wide advantage. Although there was no sunshine, between Zarzal and the first buoy was a cloud street and we could race hard. After Zarzal, we caught up with the leading group. It became increasingly tough and unfortunately many pilots had to land because of the difficult conditions in the lowlands. Once again, Chrigel Maurer did a great job and went alone towards a distant fire. Our group turned a little longer in zero lift and watched what Chrigel did​​. Unfortunately, he caught exactly the moment when the fire went out on the field. As soon as he was on the ground, another sugar cane field was set on fire. Big flames rose and Aaron Durogati and me succeeded to fly in very low and climb. The ride was not fun: a lot of smoke, a lot of ash and relatively rough thermals. We climbed to the base, and glided on to the next fire. Same game, up to the cloud. Unfortunately, we did not made it to the goal, 3.5km short. Much later, other pilots landed 6km in front of goal.

Results: 1st Michael Sigel, 2nd Aaron Durogati, 8th Anders Baerheim. 

Team Spälti AG wins of course!

Thanks to Xevi Bonet for the photo of Michael Sigel



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