Report Task Three: World Cup 2012 Castelo, Brazil

Marina Olexina reports on the final task at World Cup Brazil Castelo 2012:

The weather looked good and we started race very well. 

I was with second group after the first 2 turnpoints. After we had to fly out from the mountains to the next one. Close to turnpoint 3 the second group caught up with the first one but all of us suddenly hit a strong sea breeze. Unfortunately I could not fight with such strong wind with my GTO and landed after 27km. Others could make a few km more. The leader somehow managed to fly over 46 km! Our GIN pilot Michael Sigel battled hard against the wind to finish 5th in the task and 2nd place overall. I lost 1st female place and moved to a 2nd.

After bad weather at the start we had some nice tasks and now I am looking forward to flying the Boom X :)

Task 3 results

Overall results


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