Report Task Seven: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

GIN Team Spain report on a good day in the 7th task at the World Cup Superfinal. 

"After 3 days of bad weather, fantastic conditions allowed a fast 96km task. Take off from el Peñón with the first turnpoint a 10km radius on Divisadero. It was easy to climb to 3600m on the way. There were 2 clear groups, one headed for Three Kings and the other for the convergence--both groups reached Divisadero without turning. To the next turnpoint, Mt Eagle, pilots chose different routes before joining again in a thermal at del Cerro del Águila. Following the 3rd turnpoint (Monarch butterflies), we returned quickly to el Peñón in search of the convergence which rapidly got us the 4th and 5th turnpoints (Elephant). After making the Elephant, we took the direct line back to the convergence and sped into goal at Valle de Bravo. 

In the final results, there were 4 GIN pilots in the top 10 and team GIN won the day!" -Xevi Bonet, Juan Carlos Martinez, Francisco Javier Reina


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