Report Task One: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

"Old legend" Hans Bollinger shows he still has what it takes...and brings us this report from Task 1:

After three training days with nice flights, we could start the comp today. The task was a race with the first turnpoint in the flats with a nice headwind, then we had to cross the ridge and find a turnpoint on the other side of the lake with tailwind, but then we had 20km against the wind in the flats to the ridge and back to the landing by the lake. The race was quite short--61.5km--in a winning time of 1h 40min.

Before the start, we had to wait in some bubble thermals and each group was at once high and then low again. But by the time the start gate opened, we were all quite high above the ridge and all pilots started to follow the arrow of the GPS. It was looking quite easy but the headwind was stronger than expected and we tried to take all the thermals until the turnpoint. Going back to the ridge was easy and all pilots met again at cloud base. For the long glide over the lake to the third last turnpoint was quite easy, but we had to stay high for the next turnpoint on the ridge. With headwind, our glide ratio was very bad and we had to work hard to get back to the ridge. I had a very nice line and I managed to overtake the small group in front of me and finally I got 1st in the end of speed section by 3 seconds!

It was a very nice task, our Boomerang X is very easy to fly and the performance is as good as the others. With this wing, even an "old legend" like me is able to push the bar and nobody is overtaking you from the back!

We will fly every day and it will be hard for me to keep this position, but it will be very nice to see who is the best pilot here. -Housi

Boomerang X courtesy of Xevi Bonet


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