Report Task One: World Cup Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombia

Petra Slívová reports from the PWC Superfinal in Colombia...

Hello all! We are back with team reports for the 2013 season. The first big competition this year is really exciting for GIN pilots, because Gin made a new gun called the Boomerang 9—a real competition glider, certified EN D.

For this competition, only 8 pieces of M size were available, just for factory and team pilots to make the final confirmation in real competition.

Yesterday we had the first task—82km in really nice conditions and 3 Boomerang 9 pilots in the first 6 places. Aaron Durogati had a really big smile after fighting for the lead. Adios amigos!

Update: task 2 cancelled, stay tuned for task 3!


Boomerang 9 testing in Korea


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