Report Task One: World Cup 2012 Castelo, Brazil

Finally a task! Marina Olexina and Michael Sigel report:

Marina: "We went to take off at 9am. The sky was still covered with cloud blanket. But in front, we could see the long-awaited blue sky.

Pilots prepared for flight with enthusiasm. The pilot commitee prepared task - a triangle in 50 km. With take offs this time there were no problems and at 12:45 the air start was open. Already on the way to the starting cylinder it became clear that all is not so simple. The wind was rather strong and the sink was strong too. After the starting point not less than 10-15 pilots bombed out.

I was not so high on the way to start cylinder and pushed myself to stop for climbing. I climbed high but lagged behind first group on 5-7 km (but not bombed out!). Then I had to fly alone but, thanks God, it was not low. At low altitudes it was not so comfortable. I joined small groups but on the way most of them landed and I continued alone some way. At the last turnpoint I met the biggest group. But all of us were in a big shadow from the top layer of clouds covering all the valley. Only this pilots had already taken the turn point, and I still had to fly to it -- nearly 2 km. And leaders already were halfway to the finish. But after all, this big shadow allowed me to reach the goal only to a 3 pilots. The others settled between the last turnpoint and the goal. I having taken the turnpoint was quite low and I still could fly around 3-4 km towards the goal through the district without roads, but made the decision to return back to the road."

The best GIN pilot in this task was Michael Sigel, who reports:

"Finally we went up to the takeoff today. The sky had cleared and the task committee (with Raul Penso and me) set a task of 67km, that was with a radius of 51km. Thermals started and the window opened at 11:45. We had to wait in the air until 12:45 and then we could race on to the first turnpoint. A lot of pilots made their first (and also their last) mistake there and went out too low and could not get thermals anymore because the wind was stronger than expected! The others continued the race on different routes. Some low, some higher and we all ended up a few km in front of the last turnpoint. The wind and the arriving clouds then made it very difficult. Some tried to push for the goal and others were looking for some very weak thermals. I went straight for the goal and could almost catch the thermals I needed. Some pilots were higher and with this last thermal, they managed to get to the goal."

All the best for the next tasks!

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