Report Task Nine: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

Petra Slívová becomes female Paragliding World Cup Champion and sends the final report from Valle.

Petra: "Last competition day the organizers choose easy and short task with almost all pilots in goal. We flew a 75 km zig zag task and as it was last day a lot of guys in front were pushing a lot under a nice cumulus highway. As long as you had a good line, you did not need to turn... first in the task and also the winner of Paragliding Superfinal 2011 was Peter Neuenschwander, congratulations!

I was leading the female competition before the last task by about 90 points from Seiko, so I could not afford to make a mistake. In the middle of the task I got low and needed to pass the take off ridge from behind... but I was too low to fly over the ridge and I had to find a lee side thermal to go that moment I was very happy to have a wing on which I can rely :-)

Finally I won the day from the females and became 2011 Female Paragliding World Cup Champion!

I would like to say thanks for all GIN factory support, this competition was extremely hard for GIN staff and I am very happy to bring the trophy to the GIN family!" -Petra


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