Report Task Five: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

Cloudy conditions at the Superfinal in Valle, and a low scoring Task 5. Petra Slívová reports.

This morning was completely covered sky and after 4 previous long flights most of the pilots were hoping for rest day. But the organizers decided to go to the take off. A task of over 70km was planned, in real shade. We were trying to be optimistic and in light thermals we went up and waited for the start gate opening. After the start we started to make a gliding contest. I decided to turn back and try to find a thermal before going to the turnpoint... but... I did not find anything and landed...

The best pilots today found one more thermal and flew a bit over 20 kilometers so we are waiting for scoring now, how many points will get the winner of the task.

I did not have a perfect result in this task, but my retrieve was perfect.. - Petra


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