Report Task 9 World Cup Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombia

Joanna Di Grigoli reports on task 9 of the PWC Superfinal.

"The last few days at the Superfinal have been a bit unusual for Roldanillo as we've had some rain along the course, lots of cloud cover and interesting tasks.

The boys are staying strong and are proving their pilot level among "la crème de la crème" of the world.

Today, task 9 was very interesting as we had one of those large exit cylinders that Xavier Murillo loved so much. At the beginning of the task, conditions were tricky as the wind was blowing from the back and pilots were having a hard time taking off. I launched early and experienced some bumpy conditions closed to the mountain, but fortunately, it was easy to stay high to wait for the start gate to open.

Conditions at launch got worse and some experienced pilots were having sketchy launches due to the conditions. As soon as the start gate opened, pilots stayed on the main ridge and then made their way to the valley after passing Roldanillo. Clouds were getting big and the valley started to shut down slowly. The main group reached the first turnpoint at Tuluá airport fairly easy, but now the interesting part of the task came: exiting the 15km cylinder around this same turnpoint. Most pilots flew back along the same path where they came, others decided to go downwind in the opposite direction. As I was heading to exit the cylinder, I could see the pilots going to goal and it was cool to see the guys on their Boomerang9's in the lead. Unfortunately for me and the gaggle I was with, the valley shut down completely as we got close to the edge of the 15km cylinder.

Today, conditions weren't classic in Roldanillo, but the best pilots showed what they were made of.

pic: Federico Ríos Escobar


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