Report Task 10 World Cup Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombia

Petra reports from Colombia as Aaron Durogati and GIN team become World Cup Champions!

"Last day of competition was a bit emotional day. Aaron with his Boomerang 9 was leading the competition and all looked perfect.

But just on briefing before the task he discovered that he has a penality – 0 points for task 9 because of fire flying. It was new a rule for Colombian world cup introduced just on briefing after really dangerous situation in one of previous tasks. He was one of 10 pilots getting this penality. The idea of the rule was to avoid forcing pilots to fly in dangerous conditions over the big field fires. As Aaron said, he was not in the fire but thermaling behind it in a weak climb, but it is really difficult to prove that.

Because of that, before starting the last task I saw that Aarons big smile change and he was not happy. There would be time for more complaints after publishing the evening results, so we knew Aaron needed to fly really well to win. To start to the task with such emotions of injustice and find motivation to win was not easy for Aaron.

But.... Aaron is THE BEST! After an 83km long task he finished the task about 6 minutes after the task winner and he was in 1st place even with penalty. After complains finally Aaron was one of the pilots to who the points were given back because according to video and photo evidence the meet director decided that he was flying within the rules.

Second place in the last task was for Michael Maurer and his Boomerang 9 and with this great result, he became second in the competition!

And the GIN team.... first place! So..... just to say thanks to Gin for Boomerang 9!

It was just perfect to see happy Gin pilots during prizegiving ceremony....

Congratulation Aaron for being world cup champion! Congratulation Gin for making such a great wing!

Thanks for crossing fingers... and let´s get ready for next competition!"

- Petra Slivova

Photo: GIN team


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