Report Day Three: World Cup 2012 Castelo, Brazil

No task yet in a rain-sodden Brazil, Joanna Di Grigoli reports...

This morning, the rain decided to take a break and for the first time in the last days, we had a dry morning. The grey sky was breaking up and the sun was coming in through some blue holes.

The general mood had definitely changed and pilots rushed to have breakfast and most people were at the HQ 20 minutes before the bus departure for take off (you could tell people were excited about a task).

We drove to take off and the roads were very muddy after all the rain that had fallen. Vans were skidding and it was quite an adventure to reach the take off, but nobody cared about this and you could see the happy faces of pilots on take off, all hoping for a task. Unfortunately, the blue holes closed, and the sun decided to take the day off...again.

Despite the grey sky, everyone set up their gliders and a briefing was called. A short task was written on the board with an exit cylinder around take off and basically, we had to go in and out the goal turn point. You could hear many people wondering how to insert this on their gps.

Wind dummies were sent and they glided down... A thin veil of rain form in front of take off and when rain drops began falling on us, everyone rushed to pack their gliders and "the task is cancelled" was heard.

The drizzle stopped so many pilots flew down. It was quite a show seeing people trying to launch in no-wind conditions (and sometimes back wind) in such a small take off.

A nice barbecue was organized this evening at club Purius and pilots enjoyed a nice meal, drinks, and some ping pong and mini football.

The weather may not be with us this comp, but we're in Brazil and we're all enjoying a nice atmosphere with our fellow pilots.

Good flights,



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