Report Day Eight: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

Today's task was cancelled due to poor weather. Yassen Savov offers a personal view.

Today, as usual, I took the last transportation to takeoff - not one of the many shuttles, but the big bus that goes last. But today we had a surprise inside - the crew of the popular US TV show Good Morning America, who had come to Mexico especially to report on our Super Final. They had a full crew - two cameramen and an American-style silly-looking pretty girl reporter in provoking tights and a bright yellow jacket. First we were joking a little about her, but then she impressed us by demonstrating some decent meteorological knowledge that didn't exactly fit her looks. She was actually not as dumb as she looked. First she interviewed Jorg Ewald with his super proper Swiss American English; then it was my turn, so I chatted with her a little, explaining many things about paragliding so simple to a pilot that some of them were a little awkward to verbalize, but anyway, it was a nice chat.

On takeoff it turned to be one of those rare days with untaskable conditions in Valle (too overcast today, not enough thermal activity), so the day was canceled, and most pilots just free flew to the lush and always inviting landing spot in Valle, lemon-aided beers and all.

Now I just came back from the evening assembly of the PWCA, where we were discussing our position for the future CIVL meeting in a couple of weeks. The conclusion for me is same as before the meeting - we're in one big mess. The two accidents in Spain this summer opened Pandora's box and now the political situation seems to be too complicated and uncontrollable. Too many interested parties (PWCA, CIVL, PMA, individual countries, DHV, EN, etc.) want too many different things, and have too many different priorities, but mostly don't know what exactly they want. I personally just want to fly a real competition glider that was conceived and made not with the goal to pass the passive maneuvers of serial EN certification, but to fly precisely, safely, dynamically, and fast. And Serial Class is something else... It's a new dynamic in competition that I'm not feeling, really. But that's a long topic, while here it's already time to sleep - tomorrow we should have some good conditions, so I'm off to bed.

Cheers from Valle -Yassen


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