Rafal Luckos 1974-2014

Petra Slívová writes in memory of a great pilot and friend:

"It has been a horrible start to the season.

After damaged spirit of PWC superfinal in Brazil because of unfaithful serial gliders from one brand and after my mistake by landing which caused my broken back, I am lying in bed and thinking what we are doing in our sport and why. At the same moment the worst news is reaching me. Rafal had an accident during training for PWC in Mexico and passed away.

I am deeply sad...I am crying...I can´t believe it! But I know I can´t change that terrible reality.

Rafal, our great friend, always smiling, making jokes and full of positive energy all the time!

Friday 31st January, two days before the start of the PWC, Rafal was flying in Valle de Bravo and preparing himself and his new Ozone EnZo 2 for competition after a long European autumn and winter without flying. Conditions were stable and turbulent that day. While flying a few hundred meters above a forest his wing collapsed and after a cascade entered a SAT and he hit the ground. Unluckilly he missed all the trees which could have saved him. His reserve was out, but did not open in time. Our GIN teampilot Michi Sigel saw the accident and immediately spiraled down and landed nearby to help, but Rafal had lost his helmet during the fall, suffered head injuries and was already dead.

Like all accidents this one is incredibly sad. I will be missing Rafal and his war shout before and during tasks—"ATTAAAACK!"—for the rest of my life. I will keep my nice memories of the time which I spent in company of Rafal and I would like to say: Thanks, Rafal. Thanks for your smile, we will miss you and we will never forget!"—Petra 

At times like these, it's difficult to carry on with normal life, but the GIN team pilots are still battling hard and flying well every day. We hope for only positive news from now on—stay tuned for the next report at the end of the competition.

Photo: David Ohlidal


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