Preview: World Cup Superfinal - Mexico Valle de Bravo 2011

The 2011 Superfinal is finally here. Petra Slívová reports from Valle de Bravo.

Hello everybody. This year I feel real interest even from non-competition pilots to see what is going on in competitions and how are the new serial wings.

We've had a few training days in Valle de Bravo flying these new generation wings and preparing for the PWC superfinal. From my point of view, some manufacturers made very similar wings to the wings of the last two years, there are not many changes, just the full speed is probably not so high and it passed EN D certification. And as you probably saw the discussion around the EN D testing about month ago, these wings are really on the edge to get the EN D certification, manufacturers recommend them only for competition pilots.

Gin had another strategy in producing the Boomerang X. This is a glider which is aimed at “real” EN D pilots and it is replacing the Boomerang GTO. It is not a 2 line construction. At the same time Gin improved the performance really high according to safety, so it is also the wing, which we are going to use for competitions. From my feeling after few days of flying I can say: very nice and easy to fly, nice handling and very good climbing--and a nice colour! Speed bar is easy and light...I am sure we will enjoy next 10 days of flying here!

Back to the competition, today is 24th of January and it's the official training day, and from tomorrow the competition starts. We will try to bring you some short news every day, please cross your fingers and watch the reports. - Petra

Boomerang X in Mexico


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