Pre-PWC, Nepal

GIN R&D team pilot Idris Birch reports from the pre-PWC in Nepal:

"On Friday we had a nice 57km practice task with great weather. The following 3 days there was no task because of a front passing over. But we used the time to experience Nepalese culture. The atmosphere in Pokhara is very social, everyone we talk to is enjoying it so far.

Yesterday saw some racing action, a 38km task up and down the ridge with some pushing out into the valley components. The task was made short, as overdevelopment was expected at 1400 hrs. At approximately 1403, the task was stopped because of rain on the course line. Several pilots radioed level 3 to the meet director. With less than 20km being flown the task was not scored, but at least we got a bit of racing in!

Finally today (Wednesday) we had a valid task, 50-55km up and down the main Sarangkot ridge, then over the back to the famous Green wall followed by a final jaunt up the ridge and a final glide into the valley against the wind.

We were treated to some strong climbs and lovely lines of lift. The key to the day was not to thermal too much—just straight line it under the clouds. The task setting was done well to give some options and to keep us away from where it would overdevelop first. Lots of pilots in goal and lots of happy faces."


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