Pre-PWC, Nepal—GIN pilots on the podium

At the pre-World Cup in Nepal, GIN R&D team pilot Idris Birch took 2nd place on his Boomerang 10. The FLYGIN team of Stan Radzikowski (GTO2), Maurice Knur (Boomerang 10) and Idris Birch (Boomerang 10) managed 3rd overall, with Stan 2nd in the sports class and Maurice 10th overall. The overall winner was Poland's Michal Gierlach. Congratulations to all!

Today's final task was a short 43km race as the closing ceremony was planned for 5pm. In contrast, yesterday's task was a memorable 79km task that opened up a new route for the area. Idris reports:

"The locals said they had never flown in the direction we sent the task yesterday. The meet director Igor said that he had been dreaming of this task for a few years.

The 79km task consisted again of amazing lifty lines under the cloud streets. There were not too many decisions to be made on the route choice but still the field seperated into distinct gaggles. The racing was fast and furious, with more than 6-up constant climbs making pilots shout with joy. It was easy to continue climbing up the sides of the clouds without compromising safety. This put a massive smile on all the pilots faces.

The end of the task was tricky as the main ridge had become windswept and climbing was rough and inconsistent. For pilots arriving late, the cloud spreadout made it even more tricky.

Overall Results:


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