On the road in the UK with photographer Jerome Maupoint

"Thanks to the magic of RASP forecasts and the interpretations of all my expert friends, I've had an amazing week of 5 star-rated flying days. After a pretty long drive from Annecy towards Glencoe, Scotland it started on the slopes of the White Corries for a 70+ kms triangle around Glen Etive and the loch.

My GTO2 then headed South to the Lake District and I shared airtime with local Pat Holmes. He did his best to explain to me the local convergence lines … but it ended in Borrowdale for me; whatever, nice shots in the box that day. Just before the westerlies brought April snow in the hills , I had a long line with Hugh Miller from Bradwell towards Cambridge. What a gift from the sky again! Still a week or two in ze North following the wind and the sun—as Mark Wilson and his fellow flying mate Barney Woodhead often say, "it’s going to be good tomorrow somewhere in Scotland, the road is calling , lez’go…!" Oh, they are texting me right now..."

Etive Triangle

Lake District panorama

Out of the Peak District over the English flatlands towards Cambridge


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