GIN Wide Open Task 2 report

Petra Slivova reports from Meduno:

"Thursday morning´s weather in Meduno was not looking like a perfect competition day.

The professional organisation of the GIN wide open competition sent the buses up to the take off even there was a quite strong north wind and a lot of high clouds. After all the competitors arrived at the top the sky became blue with nice cumulus clouds and the wind changed to a perfect south. So the second task could begin.

We flew a 24km “short” task, but according to the weather conditions and the short window of blue sky it was probably the best we could have done. At the beginning it was just full speed racing on the ridge, then a jump to the flats and a bit of flatland flying. Finally we had 35 happy pilots in the goal, more than 5 of them reaching goal in a comp for the first time. Winner of the task was Alvaro Cartin from Mexico and the first women was South African Khobi-Jane Bowden. I ended up with my EN B Atlas behind a few EN D gliders in 6th position and I had a lot of fun while competing on that “gun” :)

Just after the last pilots arrived to goal the sky clouded over again and it was perfect timing to hold a talk for pilots in a big tent in the landing field. Andy Beevers introduced the new technology and products of Gin Gliders company and our new R&D colleague Torsten Siegel spoke in detail about glider design, testing and certification. 

In the evening during pizza time it started raining and the forecast for Friday is rain... hopefully we can have one more task on Saturday."

Task 2 winners (L-R): Jake Herbert, Dave Smart, Alvaro Cartin, Khobi-Jane Bowden, Petra Slivova 

Overall results after 2 tasks


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