GIN Wide Open Task 1 report

This week, some of the GIN team have been soaking up the great atmosphere in Meduno at the GIN Wide Open—a new annual competition aimed at pilots who want to improve their flying skills in a fun and friendly environment.

For the first 2 days of the comp, pilots managed short flights before the tasks were stopped due to rain showers. Yesterday produced the first valid task, a 22km race back and forth the ridge, out into the flats and back to goal.

Congratulations to the 5 pilots who made goal in a comp for the first time ever! First in goal and task winner was GIN team pilot Petra Slivova on the GIN Atlas. Petra's winning tactic was to leave the leading group and fly back to the ridge before attempting the into wind glide from cloudbase. The leading group, mostly on higher rated EN D gliders, failed to find thermals in the flats and went down short of goal.

In the evening, the task debriefing was followed by a talk by Pat Dower on the psychology of competition flying. 



Congratulations to these pilots for making their first competition goal


Task winner Petra Slivova and organizer Toby Colombé


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