GIN Wide Open, Ager: Task 3—cancelled

Michael Sigel reports from Ager... 

Today´s weather seemed very good with a clear sky and almost no wind at takeoff. During the task briefing, small cumulus clouds appeared all over the ridge and indicated a fantastic flying day. The task was a zig zag in the valley and then to the goal, located in the northeast of the ridge. But after some pilots took off, the wind changed at takeoff and the 51km task had to be cancelled because for 30min it was not possible to takeoff. So what to do with this good day? The organizer decided to start the task again. Therefore they asked the flying pilots to land in the valley and brought them up to launch again. One hour after the first task, the shortened second task was on, starttime at 16. Thermals were strong, nice and cloudbase at 2400m. But after half an hour of the race, the westwind got too strong in the valley of Ager and therefore the task had to be cancelled. Most of the pilots went to the camping for landing and now everybody is safely back at the headquarters.

Follow the live tracking from the competition:

Idris top landing

Idris trying to change his job from test pilot to photographer

Jerome preparing to go to "his office"


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