GIN Wide Open, Ager: Task 2—Petra reports

Petra Slivova reports from a cloudy Ager... 

"Today we had unusual weather conditions for Ager. A lot of high clouds was covering the sky when we arrived to the take off and the job of the task commitee was really difficult for the day. In the end we agreed on flying a short, 25 km zig zag elapsed time task in the valley of Ager with goal in the camping.

Me, Michi and Idris flew as real team colleagues :-) and took the start cylinder quite close together so after first turnpoint we were flying as the "Carrera group" all the task not far each from the other and reaching the goal in about 50 minutes.

It would have been better to wait a few minutes more as the conditions were improving. Japanese female pilot Yuki Sato managed to catch our group from the back with her END wing and it looks like there will be a female winner of the task today :-) Congrats, Yuki!

As Michi, Idris and me were 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Idris will stay with his Carrera in the lead of the competition.

Follow the live tracking from the competition:


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