GIN Wide Open, Ager: Task 1—a win for Idris!

GIN R&D pilot Idris Birch was buzzing after a win in Task 1 at the GIN Wide Open:

"I had a good start,  maybe 3rd to TP1, just behind Michael Sigel. As he turned on the lower ridge I spotted the upper ridge in sun and made a bee-line for it. I was rewarded with a strong, sustained climb without turning which allowed me to catch the Seagull. Out to the valley and back and then again, I had Petra in front but I gave her a wag of the finger as she turned on the flats whereas I opted for connecting with the ridge very low. My tactic paid off and I was rewarded with a 6 up which quickly found me in the lead.

The final glide required almost was 10 to 1—but it turned out to be no problem on the Carrera! I holstered the brakes and leaned my head back to eak out the best the glide. I turned a few times at the end of speed section to make sure of the goal win. And made it with around 20m agl!"


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