GIN Wide Open, Ager: Practice day

GIN R&D pilot Michael Sigel reports from the training day at the GIN Wide Open:

"Hello and welcome to the reports from the GIN Wide Open in Ager, Spain. The competition is held here in the valley with the well known ridge. Conditions last week were nice, moderate to strong thermals and not too much wind. You could soar on the ridge almost all day until sunset and land next to the camping. For the competition, the GIN Team are testpilot Idris Birch, teampilot Petra Slivova, and me, all flying Carrera. Jerome Maupoint is here too, so you can expect some nice pictures of the competition.

Today was training day. But already at takeoff the conditions seemed to be bad. The wind was strong along the ridge and overdevelopment forecasted for the afternoon. But the briefing was held and for many competition greenhorns, inputting the turnpoints for todays training run was already a worthwhile task. The organisation did a good job, assisted a lot and explained all the rules a second time. As the conditions got worse, they had to cancel today's task. Still some pilots flew down, but the strong eastwind made it difficult to even reach the landing at the camping.

Thats it for today. Tonight will be a presentation about competition flying held by Toby Colombe. For tomorrow it looks again like the conditions tend to overdevelop, but then weather should improove in the next days."


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